Our Vision

What is real meaning of education-

The main purpose of education anywhere is to help students develop to the best of their ability and find a suitable and satisfying vocation.

Now a days our young generation wants a suitable type of education, our education should provide students an individual’s qualities of head and heart.

Problem of youngsters-

Now a days concept of higher education has neither suitable equipped young men and women for the requirement of Indian society nor made them strong enough,morally and intellectually,to stand on their own feet.

Pithoragarh is a most beautiful town among Uttarakhand. As per per requirement many institutes are opening there,but the purpose of these institutes are just making money.They are not able to see the real problem of students .our student needs something different, something new.They wants education which adequately equip students for the tough battle of life, to quality them for various types of employment,apart from widening their sphere of knowledge and building their character.

Why we are different-

“Doing right things,at right time,in the right way produces the right results,we aspire.”

In other words knowing students,what to do ,at what time,in what direction and how are various parameters that lead to sure success.

Knowing the timing well, knowing our goals well,  knowing our strengths and weakness well, and shaping them in right direction.we can achieve what we aspire to achieve.

That’s all what we are doing…..

Student can fail many time. we tell students that failure tells you about your weaknesses, short comings,lack of preparations,lack of efforts,so if you can manage to learn from failures, you will definitely go where you started out to go.

The concept of our institute is to relate the education to the life and needs of every individual.

Our aim is to develop the basic qualities of a person for the continually complex battles of life.

It has been the utmost endeavour  of our institute to make the education really helpful for the students studying in schools,college or preparing for any competitive  exam.


The aim of our institutes is to present the subject of all competitive examination in such a way that an average student may find no difficulty in understanding it.

Each topic in our institute has been treated in an easy and lucid style without sacrificing any rigor. The language we use  is simple and easily under stable. We contain a large no of worked out examples. At the end of each chapter we provide a set of exercise. The aim of these exercise is to test the students ability.